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Trust Feed: GMO Analyses in Food and Feed.

In the late nineties, genetically modified crops were introduced to the European market. The suggestion was that the revenues from this progression in bio-technological research would lead to an increase in the quality of feed and food. In turn, this would contribute to a solution to the shortage of actual food and lead to reduced usage of chemicals for crop protection. In parallel, a public and political discussion raised items such as food safety, a possible reduction in biodiversity and considerations related to economics and religion. In 2003, the European Commission decided on official legislations (EC1829/2003 & EC1830/2003) that forced the industry to apply additional labeling based on regular control, thereby providing the consumer with product information and freedom when buying. In regard to labeling, a so-called threshold value of 0.9% was introduced.

In order to enforce these mandatory regulations, reliable analytical procedures are an indispensable requirement. TRISKELION is your knowledgeable and experienced partner for high-quality testing and assistance when it comes to GMO analysis. Within dedicated laboratories, GMO testing is routinely performed by well-trained personnel who apply DNA technology using up-to-date qPCR equipment. Highly specific and validated methods are used for the numerous so-called GM events from soy, maize and rapeseed.

Our quantitative qPCR allows the presence of transgenic DNA to be demonstrated in several types of ingredients (such as protein isolates, lecithin, starch, syrup and oil) and can be applied to food and animal feed product matrices. The TRISKELION service for GMO detection includes standard quantification that enables food and feed-producing companies to comply with current legislation that requires the labeling of ingredients containing more than 0.9% of GMO origin.

TRISKELION offers short turnaround times for testing, saving expensive, time-consuming storage and reducing potential delays in the delivery of products. TRISKELION communicates the test results in a report format – including a short but sound explanation of the test methods used – which is acceptable to legislators.

TRISKELION also supports requests for urgent GMO analyses for all authorized GM crops. Our participation in proficiency schemes demonstrates that our standard testing procedure is accurate and robust. GMO testing at TRISKELION is accredited under ISO/IEC 17025 (L546) and recognized by VLOG.

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